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Ever wanted to have the upper hand tucked away in plain sight during a battle in Game of War: Fire Age? Now you can with building boosts! These handy dandy little morsels will make you even more powerful than you seem at first scout. They slice, they dice, they mince and puree, and they’ll make a teeny little trap’s milkshake bring all the rallies to the yard.

I know, I know… 2003 called; it wants its Kelis reference back. Cripes, I’ve just aged myself, haven’t I? Oh well.

Just as you had to have a foundation to build your Training Garrison, you’re going to need to use your actual buildings as a foundation for your city’s power. This is where building boosts come in.


Why They're Rad

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  • Scouts can’t see them
  • Battle Reports don’t single them out
  • They don’t expire (perma-boost, baby!)
  • Builds strong bones for when your hero is out touring the fine prison facilities of your kingdom
Why They're Bad
  • Maklay62 / Pixabay

    They’re not.

  • No, really… they’re totally not.
  • Dude. No.
  • Okay fine! If you’re a rally leader: heroeless strongholds are going to be a bigger pain in your ass, as you’ll not be able to anticipate how much it will take to burn and zero an account with good boosts. This makes virtually every account a possible trap.


novelrobinson / Pixabay

While having a secret can of stat boost pepper spray in your bra is fantastic when facing enemies trying to buy you drinks and get your hero to go back to their place, it can be a little irksome (read: annoying) to get your buildings to the stat level you want. It’s literally a “luck of the draw” scenario. The only way to improve your chances of getting something good is to feed the dealer drinks until he can’t tell whether that’s rail vodka or Patron he’s pouring into your glass.


tip your waitress

To increase your chances of getting a good boost on your building, you’re going to have to spend a little. No, I don’t mean for you to buy yet ANOTHER pack; I mean it’s going to cost you Time Orbs. Time Orbs are these nifty little things that, as luck would have it, literally buy you luck. As you spend them (roll with them), your Luck Level increases, and better boosts start popping up as you go. Time Orbs can be kind of hard to come by, though, so make sure you’re getting the biggest bang for your orby buck by only spending them on high-level buildings.

Each time you roll for stats with your Time Orbs, that building’s Luck XP bar will increase. You can start boosting buildings once they are Level 10, but unless you’re a tiny little Level 15 Land Mine Trap, we don’t recommend it.

The higher your building’s level, the greater the jump in the Luck XP. For instance, a Level 26 building will give you a 400% luck increase for each Time Orb roll. That’s HUGE, so unless you’re positively rolling in Time Orbs, don’t waste them on Level 10 hospitals or your Level 21 storehouse (if your city still has one).

know your role

Building boosts sound awesome so far, right? So which buildings should you boost? Which stats should you aim for? Here’s where things start getting all brainy and chess-like. Each building type comes with a few specific types of boosts. Which ones you aim for will depend on your role in the game.

(Wonder Rallies)

ALL THE STATS, but priorities are important! Attack > Health > Attack Debuff > Health Debuff > Everything Else

whatever… if you train a lot of troops you might want to go for Troop Queue Bonus, Health, and Defense.

Attack Boost & Defense Debuff

Defense, Attack Debuff, Health, possibly Troop Queue

pick your poison

Here’s a handy little table that shows which buildings have which stat boosts available. You can use the first table to search for boosts by building, and the second to search by boost.

by building

  • Defense
  • Attack
  • Troop Defense Debuff
  • Specific Troop Attack
  • Troop Queue Bonus
  • Specific Troop Health
  • Defense Bonus
  • Defense
  • Health
  • Hero Experience
  • Rally Attack Bonus
  • Attack Bonus
  • Health
  • Enemy Troop Health Debuff
  • Attack
  • Defense Debuff
  • Specific Resource Production
  • Rally Attack Debuff
  • Attack Bonus
  • Specific Troop Health
  • Defense
  • Enemy Attack Debuff

by boost

  • Overall
    • Academy
    • Hall of War
    • Prison
    • Stronghold
  • Rally
    • Hall of War
  • Specific Troop
    • Altar
  • Academy
  • Barracks
  • Embassy
  • Wall
  • Overall
    • Forge
    • Hospital
  • Specific Troop
    • Barracks
    • Villa
  • Storehouse
  • Barracks
  • Gymnos
  • Overall
    • Watchtower
  • Rally
    • Stronghold
  • Academy
  • Prison
  • Marketplace

the five and dime

No, we’re not talking about the Alliance City Bazaar… we’re talking about Luck levels. Now that you’ve got your high-level buildings all lined up (or scattered all over creation like I do), it’s time to make it rain on the Luck XP bar!

Check your time orbs before you start throwing them around all willy-nilly, though. If you’re low on orbs, it’s wise to only boost a building to a point that’s efficient to reach for that building’s level. A great rule of thumb when first building up your boosts is to get within 10 luck levels of your building’s level to start yourself off with average stat boosts. Loosely translated, it means shoot for Luck Lvl 14 for a level 24 building, Luck Lvl 15 for a level 25 building, and Luck Lvl 16 for a level 26 building.

After you’ve got your buildings boosted to this milestone, check your orbs; still have a gazillion? Feel free to toss them about like it’s 1999 and go for the gold. Boost the buildings within 5 Luck Levels of their building level to get stat boosts that are above average.

stop staring at her… stats

Tempted as you may be, DO NOT fall into the trap of clicking, then reading the numbers, rinse, repeat. You’re in for a LONG BORING sit if you roll that way, and I hear it can make you go blind!

Instead, watch the Luck XP bar jump. Get your click on until the jumps in points slow down significantly, or you get within 5-10 luck levels as we discussed above.

Once you’ve got this monster beaten, move on to the next most important building and repeat the process. NO STARING AT THE STATS YET… that part comes later. Trust me; it took long enough to get to this point that you don’t want to drag it out any more than you need to by staring at little green numbers too early on. That bit comes later. Perv.

beep… beep… beep… tune in tokyo

Now that you’ve got everything within the Luck Level range your Time Orbs will afford you, it’s time to fine-tune your boosts. Start with your most important building, click that Orbs button, and watch the little green numbers.

Note that the stat list to the left will sometimes change depending on the boosts available to that building. Depending on which stat you’re aiming for, you need to pay attention to both sides of the chart to make sure you’ve hit the magic green numbers in the right boost.

Once you’re comfortable with the boost you have (based on the higher numbers you’ve seen go by as you click) move on to the next building.

Rinse. Repeat.

don’t blow your load early

Did you click past that perfect zebra-striped unicorn stat by mistake? You big baddie! No, really, we all do it. This whole process can get monotonous.

If you haven’t clicked too, TOO fast you can use your Rewind Orbs to go back exactly ONE stat set from where you are now… no more. Not three, not two; one.

shoot for the stars

Don’t worry about timers on your boosts running out; they don’t… unless you’re goofy like me and feed them more orbs. Think of building boosts as gemming your buildings. Once the gem is there, it’s there… and buildings don’t run on core timers so you’re totally golden. Since the boosts don’t expire, why not aim for a reeeeeally good one if you have the orbs to blow to hunt rainbow-farting horned horses?

I’m sure they top out somewhere, but so far, the max boost multiplier on record for Level 24 buildings is 40.5x, Level 25 buildings is 49x, and level 26 buildings is 63.5x. Below are some other glittery records for you to chase if you’ve got orbs to burn:

Level 24 Buildings

  • Academy: 73.69% Defense Debuff
  • Altar: 117.94% Specific Attack; 13.31% Defense
  • Barracks: 33.68% Defense; 48.71% Specific Health; 91.92% Troop Queue
  • Embassy: 59.63% Defense
  • Forge: 96.97% Health
  • Gymnos: 1.09% Hero Attack; 120.85% Specific Attack
  • Hall of War: 77.17% Troop Attack
  • Hospital: 16.15% Health; 40.85% Specific Health
  • Marketplace: 59.85% Health Debuff
  • Prison: 72.21% Troop Attack
  • Storehouse: 100.96% Specific Attack
  • Stronghold: 199.32% Troop Attack; 52.53% Attack Debuff
  • Villa: 41.58% Specific Health
  • Walls: 58.00% Defense
  • Watchtower: 69.21% Attack Debuff

Level 25 & 26 Buildings

  • Academy: 92.38% Defense Debuff
  • Altar: 196.85% Specific Attack
  • Barracks: 24.13% Defense; 78.74% Specific Health
  • Embassy: 79.38% Defense
  • Forge: 142.88% Health; 38.1% Specific Attack
  • Gymnos: 200.02% Specific Attack
  • Hall of War: 124.46% Attack
  • Hospital: 78.74% Specific Health
  • Marketplace: 116.21% Health Debuff
  • Prison: 118.75% Attack; 41.28% Defense Debuff
  • Storehouse: 197.48% Specific Attack
  • Stronghold: 317.5% Attack
  • Villa: 71.12% Specific Health; 12.7% Attack
  • Walls: 85.09% Defense
  • Watchtower: 118.75% Attack Debuff

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