cropped-Profile-Pic-1.jpgWell, since I’m so good at making things, trouble included, and I’ve been at it for six years now… you know what? Why NOT include some of my mischievousness in my brand? I’m a smart alec with little control over whether the thing that I say is the first thing I thought (or the second), so we’ll just take that and run with it.

A black and white version of a vintage cartoon of a woman holding a hot pie --- Image by © ImageZoo/CorbisAt first the idea of starting a new brand made me a little uneasy, but after hashing things out with my business partner and wonderful hubbster Phillip, I’m feeling a lot better about taking this huge step in a new direction, and we’re both certain you will be happy with what we’ve come up with. I’m hashing out a schedule, posting to several places regularly, and saving product releases to VERY limited edition and VERY rarely. Sounds easy enough. Why not?

I actually am the crafty effer. I sew, I cook, I paint a little, I write, I design graphics. You know… nerdy normal stuff. I also make soap and shampoo and bath bombs and perfume blends and have for a while now. I also have a hatred of all bath and body products that make me itch, and all the same that break the kids’ skin out, which is why I make them for us first, then for everyone else who may want them. I’ve reformulated a lot of my older recipes, killed off some pre-made product bases from my supplies list, and have simplified my packaging and processes to bring more of myself to my products. I’ve shortened my YouTube process and have worked for a while on elements to include in the post-production editing phase to bring consistency to my brand on that front as well. Exciting stuff!

dreamstime_xs_42098317I was originally working towards a launch date of 11/1/2016, and with the new school year starting up, I’m a little behind. I’m still working on getting everything up and at em on my website and creating YouTube content to schedule release dates for… so I’ve got that going for me so far. The site is a mess now. I’m using an offline approach to designing the theme elements, so it’s going to look a hot mess for a little while as I get that project completed and can use it here. I’ve started removing placeholders from the website and adding on tools that will be useful to run a blog in a timely fashion, highlight themes and ideas that come up in my content, and list products as the need for them comes up. Product copy and Doobly-Do information is slowly getting written, and details are starting to find their way into the nooks and crannies of the website where they belong. I just want to say that while I work to develop this brand into something I love and don’t feel the need to change around every month, erm… things will change on the fly without notice. After that, though, things should pretty well be set in stone. That being said, don’t be shocked when certain things appear here in print that might surprise you a bit. My goal is to make you chuckle on occasion while I give you a quality product that you can’t live without (that doesn’t make me sound like a drug dealer, does it?).

Expect off-color. Expect cynical. Expect wit. Expect amazing. Expect exceptional quality. Above all else, expect to have fun 🙂

Who doesn't need more mischief in their lives?

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